Our Rewards Program

Heather has a very popular customer loyalty program called Heather Rewards. Presently, this program is only available for purchases made in our bricks and mortar shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and therefore DOES NOT apply to purchases made through our website. If you have recently signed up to be a member then you will want to review the rules governing the program because there’s more to it than you might think and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything!

Earning and Redeeming Rewards Points

  • All qualified merchandise you purchase at Heather is credited to your rewards account.Practically everything in the shop is qualified. However, due toagreements with some of our suppliers and artisans we are not permitted todiscount their merchandise. So, in a nutshell, if we cannot discount itthen we cannot credit it’s purchase under our rewards program. Please askany sales associate if there are any questions about what is and isn’tqualified.
  • You’ll earn 1 discount percentage point for every $25.00 you spend on qualified merchandise. There is no limit to the amount you can accrue but you can only redeem a maximum of 10 discount points per purchase.Points do not expire. Credits are given for yourout-of-pocket (cash, charge, check and gift certificates) and store credit payments.
  • You may use this discount at any time. So, for example, if you’ve earned a totalof $200.00 in discount points you would have an 8% discount that you could use against (mostitems) purchased..
  • When you redeem your reward discount, the points arededucted from your balance at the same rate as that in which they wereaccrued. Simply stated, an 8% discount would result in a $200 deduction in your rewards account, a 10% discount would deduct $250 from your account, and so on.
  • Heather Rewards discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts except Heather Bag Day discounts (see below).

Heather BagDay

  • Now here’s where the discounts getserious!  Approximately 4 times per year and for periods lasting from a single day to an entire week, the shophosts a Heather Bag Day sale. HeatherBag days offer everyone who is a Heather Rewards member a 20% discount off of all qualified merchandise in thestore that they can place into one of our shopping bags. Wait, there’s more! HeatherBag day is also the only time in which Heather Rewards members can combinetheir reward discount credit with the 20% Heather Bag discount! Toput it another way, if you’ve got a 10% reward balance you’ll get a 30%discount off of everything in your Heather shopping bag.


  • When merchandise is returned that earned rewards points, the earned amount is deducted from your rewards account. This deduction will be clearly stated on your store credit receipt. If you’ve requested a refund you will not get a receipt, but you may ask the sales associate to print a rewards balance statement which will show your current rewards point balance.

ProgramChanges  & Termination Policy

  • Heather may, at it’s discretion, and without priornotice make any changes to the Heather Rewards program it desiresincluding termination. Customer rewards balances have no cash value andHeather is not obligated to reimburse or otherwise provide anyremuneration should the program be terminated with rewards balances on file.